Anali PAZU 10/2020/1-2

Anali PAZU 10/2020/1-2

september 2020

pages: 1-46

print ISSN: 2232-416X






  Mitja Slavinec

Natural sciences

Ultra-fast laser pulses induced phase changes in η-Mo4O11 crystals
  Miloš Borovšak in Dragan Mihailović

Application of mathematical analysis in the design of permanent magnet motors
  Melita Hajdinjak, Martin Mavrič in Damijan Miljavec

Are multiple-choice tests a sufficient tool for the assessment of knowledge?
  Simon Ülen in Mitja Slavinec

Engineering sciences and technologies

Analysis topography of robot laser hardened materials by using machine learning method
  Matej Babič

Optimal determination of stability domains of vibrations in gear drives

Rudolf Pušenjak

Development of an advanced tool steel for the most demanding applications in the knife industry

Rebeka Rudolf, Tilen Ravlan, Gorazd Lojen, Peter Majerič in Egidij Hudrap

Nanotechnology as the technology of the future, nanowaste problems

Rebeka Rudolf, Peter Majerič, Vesna Štager in Doris Golub


Medical sciences

Diabetic foot – surgical therapy

Dražen Popović