ANALI PAZU 5/ 2015/ 1-2

maj 2016
strani: 1-44
print ISSN: 2232-416X





  Mitja Slavinec

Natural sciences

Memantine associated with parkinsonism in a patient with Alzheimer's disease: A case study and the review of the literature
  Matej Štuhec

Effect of static magnetic field on the wastewater
  Jasmina Filipič

Engineering sciences and technologies

The siutability of recycled papers for printing UHF RFID antennas
  Matej Pivar, Tadeja Muck, Diana Gregor Svetec

Adsorption equilibrium modelling for different temperature conditions and its influence on adsorption mass transfer
  Teodor Štimer, Matjaž Hriberšek, Jure Ravnik, Sani Bašič, Matej Zadravec

New media and technologies are change teaching and learning chemistry
  Nataša Rizman Herga, Dejan Dinevski