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Anali PAZU is a scientific journal that combines natural sciences, engineering, medicine, sociology and the arts humanities interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. Substantively iIt publishes home and international scientific results of academic excellence in all scientific fields; especially scientific articles that deal with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary topics beyond the frames of scientific disciplines and cover all scientific and technical fields. At The core of the journal are original scientific research articles in the fields mentioned above (empirical and review articles). Journal is issued by Association Pomurska akademsko znanstvena unija. All articles are free of charge (no publication fee).

 Preparing Your Article

For an article to be published, authors have to consider written and unwritten rules of the scientific expression in order to that  ensureaid in the repeatability of experiments as well as in the clarity and consistency of descriptive their ideas.

The articles can be written in Slovene or in English. The Editorial Office has right to return the article for to be copy-edited the additional proof reading. In generally, the article should consist of 32 typewritten double-spaced pages or 60.000 characters and it has to be well-structured and separated with subtitles if necessary. The article’s main title – and subtitles, when this is necessary – has to reflect the content clearly.    

The articles must be submitted with an abstracts in Slovene and English of a maximum 120 characters and include up to 7seven keywords in Slovene and English. If the article is written only in English by a foreign author, he submits the abstract in English, and the Editorial Office makes provision forediting takes care of the translation into Slovene.

Articles have to follow the instructions available at the following link: Instructions_Anali_PAZU

The authors should state that the work described has not been published before and that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else. The authors should state that this publication has been approved by all co-authors in the Conflict of interest section before the references.

 Guidance for Article Submission

The author has to send the article to and name the file after the last name of the first author.  

The journal does not have article processing charges nor article submission charges. All authors should be significantly involved in their research.  Authorsip statement should be filled before a final submission. In the Authorsip statement authors declare that: a) the article has not been previously published or sent for publication to another journal, b) no copyright infringement occurred in the article; for the publication of the photos, tables and graphs, the explicit permissions of copyright holders have been obtained, c) in the event of the article’s publication in the aforementioned journal I transfer material copyright to the publisher, free of charge, once and for all, for all cases and unlimited circulations as well as for any media, d) in the case of co-authorship, the signing author (the correspondence author) warrants that he is authorized to sign on co-authors' behalf, and that he has informed them about affirmation requirements. The author has to name three potential reviewers with their full affiliations including e-mail. The author can also name 2 reviewers extra who the author does not want to be involved in the review process.

Reviewers are selected and invited electronically by editorial board.  Editors select reviewers based on their expertise on the topic. The reviewer must provide to the editor an objective and expert opinion. Reviewer is expected to help authors improve the quality of paper to a publishable level. All types of articles are reviewed with a double-blind peer review. Authors could provide at least 2 suggested reviewers and opposite reviewers within their submission. All reviewers should have no conflict of interest. All reviewers are asked for their possible conflict of interest before beginning of reviewing proccess. Reviewers are also expected to keep manuscripts confidential as outlined in our editorial policies. If reviewers have a conflict of interest, we please that reviewers either directly decline the review or if in doubt explain the conflict to the Editor. For further information on ethical aspects of your role as a reviewer we refer you to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers;

For the article’s submission, the following statement has to be enclosed: Authorship statement.

Moral rights belong to the author of the copyright- protected work; however, the author transfers material copyright exclusively to the publisher.

 Publication ethics

If the work involves the use of human subjects, the author should ensure that the work described has been carried out in accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for experiments involving humans. Authors should include a statement in the Methods section of the manuscript that informed consent was obtained for experimentation with human subjects, and all the ethical procedures were performed. The privacy rights of human subjects must always be observed.

 Editorial procedure

The articles are anonymously peer-reviewed by the experts in the fields that the article covers. This journal operates a double blind review process. They check if the described hypothesis is unique and adequately build on previous facts and if the described methods are explained thoroughly in order to be repeated and to suit for the testing of the exposed theory. Moreover, they check if the conclusions are suitable, according to the results, and important enough for the progress of science.

The editingournal’s desk informs the author by e-mail about received article that goes through blind peer-review process. The author is informed about the article’s acceptance or denial for the publication within three months after its receipt by the Editorial Office. Within the same time, the author receives an e-mail about necessary and recommended corrections. If necessary, Tthe Editorial Office can demand a renewed proofreading. The author has to return the article in fifteen days at the latest after the datey of the appeal.

After the article is published, the one issue of the journal is sent to the author’s home or work address; moreover, the author also receives an electronic copy of the article’s offprint. separate in electronic form. Article is freely avaliable on the journal's web page.

In addition, the UDC number is given to an article by the Editorial Office, and the articles are classified in the following categories:

-              Original scientific article consists of original results of the author’s own researches that hasve not been published before. The article is peer-reviewed and the author shall provide a written statement by which he or she undertakes not to with the statement not to publish his or her work elsewhere.

-              Technical Professional article shows the results of the technical profesional researches. These articles are also peer-reviewed and the author shall provide a written statement by which he or she undertakes not to publish his or her work elsewhere. undertakes with the statement not to publish his work elsewhere.

-              Review articlesws consist of original work,s: p precise and critical literature reviews of particular in the fiel ds of individual and interesting technical professional fields.

-              Report consists of brief scientific information about finished researches and or a brief descriptions of professional andexperts and scientific meetings. These articles should be between 3000 and 7500 characters in length.  

-              Peer review is a scientific and critical evaluation of the published scientific books. Articles should be between 3000 and 7500 characters in length. The Editorial Office will be forced to deny dismiss articles that do not follow the criteria mentioned above. 

Publisher: Association Pomurska akademsko znanstvena unija (PAZU)
Publication frequency: biannual
First publication: 2011
Print ISSN: 2232-416X
Scientific fields covered: natural science, engineering, medicine and the bioengineering.

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